Thursday, January 16, 2014

Getting Creative With Bookshelves

Being an interior designer, my loft is drowning in books and magazines. I use them to find inspiration, but I also think they’re great accessories for the home! Especially if you dress up your bookshelves in fun, unique ways. There is a plethora of ways to make your bookshelf a statement piece, including color-coordinating your books, adding wallpaper to the shelves or even displaying art in front of the books! Here are some fun examples:

Jazz it up with Art
I think this is such a cool new trend! Who would’ve thought that covering up your books with art would look so great? The shelving acts as a frame for the art, while the books behind the pieces create depth. 

Extra Accessories    
Who said bookshelves were just for books? Globes, clocks and frames are all great objects to place on a bookshelf to break up the books. If you’ve got something you’d like to display but aren’t quite sure where to put it, just make some room on your bookshelf!

Wallpaper Backs
I think these images speak for themselves. The wallpaper really brightens up a dull bookshelf, especially when you go bold with the colors and designs. Just be sure your bookshelf backing doesn’t clash with your walls, unless of course it’s a good mix-and-match kind of clash.


You’ve got to have a lot of books to do this, but how cool do color-coordinated bookshelves look? I have yet to see this in person but I think I would be totally in awe if I saw something like this.

Have you seen any cool bookshelf arrangements? I’d love to hear some other ideas that I didn’t include in the blog!