Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The trendiest Christmas!

If you caught last week’s post on spicing up your Thanksgiving table, you know I like to steer clear of traditional holiday colors. Bringing in new, punchy colors will make your Christmas tree all the more lovely!

Along with fun colors this year, birds are all the rage. Whether you decorate your tree with owls, ostrich or peacock feathers or even bird ornaments, you can be sure to have an über trendy Christmas tree this year by accenting your tree with ornaments like these:

These owls are absolutely adorable and, even though they aren’t green and red, they really bring about the Christmas spirit!

I love the organic look of the birds in this tree. They are hand sewn with burlap (which makes it perfect for the natural elements trend), and its neutral color can blend with any other color combinations.
These beautiful peacock feathers add some pizzazz to the greenery and will make a wreath or tree look extra festive.
Don’t be afraid to stray away from green and red! These winter whimsy ornaments look beautiful with the combination of blues and green. Make it a cool Christmas using all cool colors.
I love the grays, golds and silvers combined in this ornament collection. The metallic colors make for an edgy modern Christmas theme!
And finally, this vintage pink and black ornament epitomizes holiday spirit without screaming traditional. Imagine what adding some feathers, birds or unconventional colors could do for your Christmas tree!
Whatever you choose to decorate with this season, have fun and happy holidays!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spice up your Thanksgiving table!

We’ve got just a couple of days until the table needs to be set and ready for Thanksgiving dinner. This year, I challenge you to try something new and modern. Something that says you are ready for 2013! Here are a couple simple ways to modernize your Thanksgiving table setting:

1. Utilize found items. Forget the leaves that all the other table settings have and try something from your backyard! Branches and sticks can be spray painted gold, red or white and will look glorious running down the table. Use berries for pops of color, and you can even spray paint gourds and pumpkins to give them a nontraditional color.


2. Mix up the color scheme. Traditionally, Thanksgiving colors are reds, oranges and browns. Not this year! Bring in some pinks with your oranges and add pops of white, cream and charcoal to make the colors really stand out. Add turquoise with your brown. Place-mats, plates, candles … whatever you chose, dare to add some colors we rarely see this time of year.

3. Combine patterns. Don’t be afraid to mix and match! Unconventional patterns make for an exciting dinner table, especially if you mix them up. From runners to napkins, tablecloths to ribbons, adding some funky patterns will make your Thanksgiving dinner setting unlike any other. Square or round white dishes pair nicely with any patterns you choose.

4. Layer place-mats. A multitude of place-mats can add depth without cluttering the already full table. Again, be fearless with your color and pattern choices, but make sure it’s cohesive and doesn’t take away from the food on the table.


Whatever you choose to set your table with this year, dare to modernize it a bit so it stands out from all the rest! Happy Thanksgiving!

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