Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Great Gatsby-Inspired New Year’s Eve

I’m loving the idea of doing a 1920s, Gatsby-styled New Year’s Eve party. What a classy way to end the year and have fun while doing it! Since the movie came out, Gatsby ideas have bombarded the internet and I gathered up some of my favorite concepts to incorporate into a soiree. Let these great images inspire your Gatsby-themed fashion, d├ęcor and drinks!

Everything about this outfit is 1920s! The flapper-style headband can be purchased on Etsy, too.


This is another perfect outfit for the 1920s, and it would look great on all shapes and sizes.


Does it get more glamorous than bottles draped with pearls?


I adore this collection of pieces! Anything gold or silver goes, and double points if you mix both of them together.

 You can’t go wrong with a Gatsby quote at your 1920s NYE party.

Here’s another style board of the Great Gatsby era. As you can see, rich colors like gold, black and navy are a good way to go.

Add a couple of these pillows to your couch and you won’t need to bring in much else!

These blackberry champagnes are delicate and charming … just like Gatsby himself.

Here are those rich colors again. If you’re doing a dinner party, table settings like this would be amazing. If it’s more casual you could just have black or navy and gold napkins. Stripes and chevron are good patterns to consider.

This champagne tower would serve two purposes: decoration and beverage! I just wouldn’t use fancy glassware for this experiment.

What else could you use to throw a 1920s Great Gatsby-inspired New Year’s Eve party? Any ideas?

Happy holidays!