Thursday, June 27, 2013

New and Exciting Wall Treatments!

While wallpaper is generally the first wall treatment we think of adorning walls with, it’s certainly not the only thing that can be put on walls! There are some really great alternatives to wallpaper that add depth, texture and much, much more to a wall. Here are some examples:


This re-purposed wood wall is absolutely amazing. The wide selection of colors is something you couldn’t even find in wallpaper, and yet because they are all different variations of wood they go together beautifully. Another plus to this wall is that the wood is being re-purposed! Whether it’s from old barns, sheds or picture frames, the wood has found another life. It really doesn’t get more magnificent than this!

Here’s another wood wall that is worth mentioning. Less eclectic than the last one, this wall ties the different wood colors together beautifully. It’s soothing and comforting, perfect for a nursery!

If you don’t like the color variation quite as much, consider a subtler greyish wood like this one. This wall is very much a conversation starter, especially if the wood is being re-purposed.


Lacquer is so much fun because it produces a sheen that paint or wallpaper could never achieve. This glamorous wall is a stunning accent that could be done in the bathroom, kitchen or even the bedroom.

This lacquer wall is as unique as it gets! A plain old wall painted this color just wouldn’t do what lacquer can achieve.

This lacquer wall is a more subtle color than that above but it’s equally as enchanting. That shine is a texture virtually unachievable by any other material, and it looks absolutely fabulous.

This wall is so classy! The fretwork creates depth that no wallpaper or paint could dream of doing. This is an architecturally clean example of fretwork that I just adore.

If you want to do a more edgy fretwork wall, consider doing just a portion of the wall like this one.

Conversely, you could go all out and do floor to ceiling of ornate fretwork paneling. It’s not for everyone, but you have to admit it’s unique!

From beautiful woodwork to regal lacquer to ornamental fretwork, the possibilities of adding depth to your walls are endless. What are some trends you’ve been seeing lately?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Fun and Functional Kids’ Rooms

Just because we don’t sleep in the kids’ rooms doesn’t mean we can’t have a fun time designing them! All it takes is a little creativity and an open mind, and you can create a fantastic kids’ room. Here are some of my favorite concepts:

Reading Nook:
What better way to encourage literacy than by having an adorable little table and bench set with a bookshelf right in the room? Fill it with some classics and a cute lamp like this one and I’m sure your children will be taking the books out of that shelf more than once.

What better way to encourage literacy than by having an adorable little table and bench set with a bookshelf right in the room? Fill it with some classics and a cute lamp like this one and I’m sure your children will be taking the books out of that shelf more than once.
The cozy beanbag next to a bright window is the ultimate reading spot for kids. I adore this setup.

Corner Décor    
What’s great about corner displays like this is that they really take advantage of a space that’s generally difficult to use. This shelving creates a little nook while providing shelving – something you can never have enough of when you’ve got kids.

Window Seats

This is another space saver, as you never want to cover a window with something big or obstructive. But seating and shelving next to a window like these are perfect.

Bunk Beds + Drawers
Even if just one kid sleeps in the bedroom, bunk beds are great for sleepovers and for storage. They take up the same amount of space as a bed, so you might as well build up!

Color and Pattern Mixing

What’s great about kids’ rooms is that they love color and are a lot more open to mixed patterns and clashing colors than adults are, so you can get away with pretty much anything. Here’s an opportunity to have a lot of fun!

What are some of your favorite concepts for kids’ rooms? I’d love to hear about them!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Custom Banquette Seating

One of my favorite trends I’m working on right now is banquette seating. My clients are requesting this style of seating for dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms. If done right, this style can really go in any room of the house. Here are some good examples:

Kitchen + Dining Room
Perhaps the most common place to find banquette seating, kitchens really benefit from this style. You can pack lots of people around a table when you use benches instead of chairs. And if you ask me, the banquettes add a lovely sense of fashion to the space.

Living Room
These living rooms are taking advantage of corner space by putting banquette seating there. This leaves room for all those great pieces like the rocking chair or the octagonal coffee table!

Whatever these rooms are, I want them all! Indoor, outdoor, bedroom … banquette seating really works anywhere in the house. If this is something you’re interested in, feel free to reach out to me so we can set up an initial consultation. It’s one of my favorite projects right now!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Open Concept Master Suites

This unique concept is becoming quite a hit amongst homeowners. Open concept master suites means the master bathroom and master bedroom are openly connected. It doesn’t do much for privacy, but it’s a great way to use the space.
As you can see there are no walls separating the bedroom from the bathroom. This makes for a romantic hotel-style suite in the comfort of your own home.
This is a fun one! You’ll need to take some extra steps to close the blinds if you want privacy, but having a setup like this would be worth the extra effort, wouldn’t it?
This one has a wall but it’s glass, so it’s essentially the same concept. Imagine if that glass were a white wall instead; the room would seem so much smaller, which is a part of the appeal of the open concept suites.
 Talk about open space. This layout is so unique … for now anyway! While you’d need a lot of space to create this, it certainly would give your guests something to talk about if you let them take a look at it.

Think about how convenient it would be in the middle of the night on your way to the bathroom to just walk around this wall instead of out one door and into the next! To top it off, it just looks great.

So what do you say – would you ever do an open concept master suite like these? What do you love about them? Dislike? As always, I’d love to hear from you!