Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Five Awe-Inspiring Celebrity Kitchens

We’ve all got celebrities on our mind after the epic Academy Awards, which got me thinking about using celebrities’ homes for inspiration. One of the most elaborate places of the house can be the kitchen, so I dug up six fantastic kitchens that we can all be inspired by!

Hillary Duff’s kitchen is a cross between medieval and industrial. The massive refrigerator/freezer and center island mixed with the rustic lighting and the earthen ceiling make this kitchen a trip to many new worlds. It  makes me wonder what those cookbooks are!

Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen is absolutely fantastic. I love the fancy chandelier – that’s something you don’t often see in a kitchen. The dark cabinetry really contrasts with the center island and the light floor and walls. There can never be too many cooks in a kitchen like this!


Gerard Butler’s kitchen is absolutely magical. It’s rustic, it’s eclectic, it has pieces from all different times, and it’s all around gorgeous. Plus, it’s not a kitchen if you can’t cook in it, and this looks like a great place to be inspired while cooking.

I really like the lighting in Meg Ryan’s kitchen. Imagine waking up to make breakfast while looking outside at a sunshiny morning. Her center island is big enough for making homemade pasta or cookies, but it doesn’t overcrowd the space. I’d love to cook (or eat) a meal in this lovely kitchen.

And I thought Gerard Butler’s kitchen was eclectic … look at Christina Aguilera’s! The red coloring pops against the predominately black and white kitchen. These bold statements, like the lighting above the sink, really personalize her kitchen. I’d love to see what the rest of her house looks like.

Of the six kitchens I’m sharing with you to be awed by, Ashton Kutcher’s is by far the biggest. Could you imagine entertaining in here? There’s room for everyone! The windows bring in so much beautiful natural light, plus the greenery outside brightens up the monotone kitchen. I also love the reflections in the hanging bulbs; it’s a nice, subtle way to add some art to the cooking room. We may not all have the means to make kitchens like Gerard Butler’s or Hillary Duff’s, but we can certainly be inspired by their creativity!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men and Women

Have you ever visited Fab.com? If not, I’m about to introduce you to something that’s going to take a ton of your money! Luckily, they’ve got unlimited unique gift ideas for both men and women. Here are some of my favorites for Valentine’s Day:


There’s nothing quite like a beautiful, simple piece of jewelry that can be worn with anything. Because the shape is so subtle, you can be certain most any girl would like it!

Who doesn’t love candles?

On that note, who doesn’t love chocolate?

 This pretty piece just speaks for itself.

For seemingly no explainable reason, women just gravitate toward kitschy, adorable typewriters like these. Maybe your pretty lady will write you a love note with it.


This shaker is stylish and useful – what’s a better gift than that?

Women are flooded with inspiration quotes day in and day out, but the men deserve them too! Plus, this tee is cute.

Let’s face it – your man may not be brave enough to pick this out on his own, but think about how cute it would look on him! It’s personal and stylish, and he just may love it (plus it’s vintage).

This iPhone-turned-home-phone is so hip it hurts. Who wouldn’t love it?

Whatever it is you give to your loved one this Valentine’s Day, if it’s thoughtful they’ll appreciate it. Have a wonderful holiday!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Inspiring Home Office

Do you work out of your home? If so, you understand the importance of making your office work for you. You need adequate sunlight, a comfortable chair, ample space and personal touches that will make you happy. I’ve been looking through tons of photos of home offices and I want to share some of my favorites with you!

Your office is in your home, so let your personality shine! This eclectic mix of objects undoubtedly provides endless inspiration to the lucky lady that works in it. There’s even extra seating to hold meetings in there if need be.


Look at all that storage space! There’s even enough room to put pretty decorations and pictures on the shelves. Don’t let your office bore you – it’ll show up in your work! Another great thing about this office is the natural lighting. You can never have enough natural light.

Speaking of lighting, you really can’t beat the windows in this office! The natural light will keep you feeling invigorated and inspired. I love the addition of the desktop plant and the pup as well!

This subtle color scheme is beautiful and is accentuated by the lovely flowers on the desk. It’s ergonomically pleasing, as it has a plush chair and even a fan to keep you cool! Plus, did you notice how the chair and the chandelier match? Love it!

An inspiration board is key to productivity! You can post things up there with ease and take them down any time you want to study them. The colors make this office pop with personality, and that chair is just magnificent.

Here’s another lovely inspiration board near the desk. Can you imagine how great it would be to have something like that in your home office?

As you can see, it’s all in the details! So w
hen sprucing up your home office, don’t skimp on the special things like pretty objects, comfortable furniture and ample space. You’ll be happy you didn’t!