Thursday, December 20, 2012

Get Organized Before Your Christmas Soirée!

The holidays are generally stressful – especially if you’re entertaining – but they certainly don’t have to be! I’ve made a list of four things to do to get organized that will surely help you throw an amazing holiday party.

Make a list (and check it twice!). By listing everything you need to accomplish before the guests arrive, you not only will be able to visualize everything that needs to get done, but you’ll have the glory of crossing off your tasks once you finish them! Be sure to list items by priority so that if you happen to run out of time the most important things are taken care of.

Prep your food and beverages the day before. You’ll likely be running around the place making sure everything looks perfect (including yourself) and won’t need the additional stress of cooking. If you prep the day before all you’ll have to do is throw your dishes in the oven, on the stove or wherever it needs to go, and can entertain while the food is heating up. The same goes for drinks!


Have your outfit picked out in advance. I can’t stress this enough! There’s nothing worse than rushing to get ready for a big event like a holiday party. Spend some time the day before trying on various outfits. Make sure what you’re wearing is comfortable, conducive to cooking and cleaning, and most importantly, cute! There’s no need for additional hassle. After all, the holiday season is all about happiness and gratitude, not about stress! (See a few variations of holiday outfits below for inspiration).



Last but certainly not least, appeal to the five senses. Make your home taste, feel, sound, smell and look amazing. The food and drinks will take care of the first part. Make sure there’s enough sitting space for all your guests so everybody feels comfortable and cozy. Have some happy holiday music playing in the background, and while the food is wafting its tasty aroma throughout your place, be sure all your decorations are perfect for the holiday season.
If you take care of these four things before your party, your Christmas soiree is sure to be a beautiful, stress-free and memorable event!

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