Friday, October 11, 2013

Trendy Fall Colors

This fall's color trends are muted and beautiful and can be used singularly or mixed all together. Bright blue, emerald green and muted grey are fall 2013's colors, and I've compiled some images to show you just how great they look. Each of the colors can be used on walls, furniture or accessories, so if you don't feel like taking the full plunge, accessorize!

Bright Blue

With this beautiful color you could even mix a wall, a piece of furniture and some accessories all together, just like the photo immediately above.

Muted Grey
Some might consider grey boring, but in the interior design world it is a perfect color to utilize and it goes flawlessly with virtually any other color. If the above rooms are a little to somber for you, add in pops of color (preferably a bright blue or emerald green, as those are the colors of the season) and you'll find yourself creating a glorious environment.

Emerald Green
As you can see in the image above, these colors mix together perfectly! Whether you integrate them into your home via the walls, a couch or even some oversized vases, they are sure to look beautiful.

Happy fall 2013!

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