Friday, May 10, 2013

Brighten up the Yard With Creative Spring Planters

Break away from the norm this spring with unique planters! There are so many objects lying around the house that you could use to store plants and brighten up your yard. From an old ladder to an empty milk carton, the possibilities are virtually endless. Here are some good ideas to start with: 
Do you have an old chair lying around? Give it some life again by turning it into an adorable planter like the one above! It fits a pot perfectly and could even allow plants to grow upward. Plus, it would look nice both in a garden or as a standalone piece.
Can you guess what these cute planters are made of? Give up? Old milk cartons! But you wouldn’t think so by how great they look with a little greenery in them. These would be great on a tabletop or even lining stairs walking up to the front door.
Doesn’t this box-turned-planter look fabulous? It provides a lot of space for the plant to grow and it could fit nicely just about anywhere, whether it’s in a kitchen, sitting in a window, or outside.
Just like the chair, a ladder is a nice way to upcycle something old and used while making your garden picture-perfect. It also adds some nice height!
Here’s another clever little planter idea that I think is really cute. Once again these could be used both indoors and out, and no matter where they are they’ll certainly turn some heads.

What do you think? Would you use any of these unique planters this spring? I’d love to see what your plants look like! 

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