Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fresh Spring Color Combinations

Gone are the days of wintry hues and dull fabrics and prints. Spring is here (oh wait, it’s snowing in Minneapolis, but hopefully not where you are!) and it’s time to jazz up that home of yours. The springtime colors I’m seeing are yellow, blue, punchy colors combinations like oranges and reds, and pastels. Here are some beautiful examples that I hope you’ll use as inspiration for springifying your home!

What’s awesome about yellow is that it looks great with virtually any other color. Whether you mix it with black and white (which is huge in the fashion world right now), with opposites like purples and pinks, or with other shades of yellow, this color will look great in your new springy home.

If you’ve ever experienced Easter in the United States you know that you can get away with mixing and matching any pastel color, even in the home! The above examples include just about every color of the pastel rainbow and they fit together famously. It’s definitely a springtime combination, though, so if you like it be sure to do it before fall and winter creep back up!

Punchy Pops:
These combinations are so much fun. Another trend we’re seeing a lot of right now in the fashion world, vibrant colors meshed with other similarly punchy colors is huge in the interior world right now. Who would think you could mix a neon pink floor with an egg blue wall? Well you can and it looks fantastic.
Blue is a color that fits all seasons, as long as you complement it with other seasonal colors. The above pictures are great examples of colors you can mix with blue to make your home in tune with the season. Pops of colors like yellow, purple or other blues look amazing.

Do you have any of these springtime colors in your home? Are there any color combinations I missed? I’d love to hear about them or, even better, see pictures!

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