Thursday, July 18, 2013

Oversized Decorative Pieces

Oversized pieces around the house have become huge, literally and figuratively! From animal pieces to headboards to giant paintings, nowadays it seems the bigger, the better. Here are examples of some of my favorites from around the web:

Whether it’s a massive lamp or a chandelier hanging several feet from the ceiling, big light fixtures are making their debut right now. Lighting can also be artistic by changing up the light bulbs, so if you’re redecorating and opting for big lights, maybe consider a slightly colored bulb!

Animals are all the rage now, and not just in interior decorating; jewelry and apparel are littered with animal forms and prints, and it looks fabulous! Deer and elk heads are very common, but horse heads and full figures (like the huge one above) are becoming increasingly popular. What other animals have you seen in accessories? I’d be curious to know!
We all know the great thing about mirrors: they make a space look bigger. Put in a floor-to-ceiling mirror like the ones above and you’re really going to change the dynamic of a space! While they require a little more attention (re: dusting and cleaning) than art, mirrors can act like so much more than a simple painting. Mirrors to this scale are elegant, grandiose and certainly great conversation pieces!

There’s something about a large-scaled piece of art that just makes it cooler than a little one, and the pieces above are no exception. Basically, why go small when you can go supersized? Plus, it’s a blessing to be able to view art up close; you get to really see the detail, color and, well, the art!

(PS – did you notice the two animal figure cameos in these photos? I’m telling you, animals are popular!)

Can you think of any cooler way to spruce up your room than with a giant headboard? These make the beds look like thrones, all the while adding some substance to the walls. Have you seen any headboards like this before? What did you think of them in person?

So there you have it – some of my favorite oversized decorative pieces from the internet! I’d love to hear what experiences you’ve had with big pieces.

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