Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sophisticated Studies

Like every room in the house, a man cave has its essentials. It needs to be filled with objects, themes and furniture that scream “Man’s Territory.” Whether you call it a man cave, handsome hideaway or sophisticated study, they’re here to stay, so you might as well make yours awesome! Here are some essentials for a stylish Handsome Hideaway:

Nothing is manlier than a sleek and sexy leather couch. Dark charcoals and browns are typical of man caves, like these three below:

Perhaps the biggest component of sophisticated studies is the bar! No man wants to have to go all the way to the kitchen to prepare himself a neat scotch, so his drinking essentials should be conveniently located in his man cave, along with ice, glasses and mixers. Extra points for a keg.


Sports: the number one reason men gather. Whether it’s decoration, a pool table or a spot to watch some sports, man caves are the perfect place to have a sports theme.    

No handsome hideaway would be complete without some beer signs or “Man Cave” signs covering the walls. These ones scream sophisticated study to me:
If you’re going to make a man cave that’s truly manly, make sure you have leather, a bar, sports and some tasteful art!

For some style inspiration and little pieces to add to your Sophisticated Study, check out the Minneapolis-based men’s store, Martin Patrick 3.

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