Thursday, August 29, 2013

Labor Day Soiree

In keeping with the spirit of Labor Day (which is to honor workers and all the hard effort they put in), I’m dedicating this post to throwing a Labor Day bash without the stress and hard work! All you need is some space outdoors, friends and family and some refreshments, and you've got yourself a Labor Day soiree. 

Here are some party throwing essentials for this weekend:

A Fire

Nothing helps ease the end of summer blues like sitting around a fire. It’s great during the day because it fills the air with a scent that's nostalgic for just about everyone. It’s even better during the evening because it provides light and keeps the bugs away. Encourage your guests to bring instruments – a guitar, harmonica, what have you – to keep everyone entertained. That brings me to music!

Classic tunes are perfect for a Labor Day celebration. Think Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor or any other classic American artist. Or, if you’ve got musical friends, hand the show over to them. Nothing beats live music!


Limit your decorations to little floral centerpieces. I’m thinking small vases with a beautiful flower or two, preferably ones that are red, white or blue! These ones are cute:

If you’ve got a grill, your Labor Day snacks will take care of themselves. Burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob … anything that can easily be thrown on the grill will please your guests. Be sure to check out anything mini, as those are always party hits.

Beer is an obvious answer to this question, but sangria is also a great, refreshing addition! There are tons of recipes out there for a good sangria, and the one below is even non alcoholic so kids can enjoy it!
When celebrating a holiday honoring the hard workers of our country, your party should be effortless and, most importantly, fun. So let go of the party hosting stress and plan a party that will throw itself!

Happy Labor Day, all!

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