Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fall Trends

Fall is such a fun season to decorate for! From colors to prints to finishes, fall certainly has a style that works with it. Here are some trends I’m seeing for the fall 2013 season:

Anything brass really goes with fall. Fixtures, staircases, accessories, you name it – if it’s brass, it goes!
Like brass, anything and everything leopard print goes. Here are some fun examples:
Lacquer walls, floors and furniture are super trendy for this time of year, no matter the color.
Whatever the shade, whatever the object, green is so fall.
Embellished Walls

This is a really fun trend that I’d love to see more of. Hopefully once people realize it’s great for fall they’ll hop on board!
As you can see, trends for fall really run the gamut! Leopard, glossy finish, textured walls – whatever it is you can incorporate into your home this fall, let loose! And, as always, please share what you’ve done! 

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  1. Finished walls are a really interesting opportunity to add a lot of texture to a room and have some fun with redesigning your windows to match. There are also so many rich greens that are part of the fall design lineup, I can't wait to see what people do with them!