Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bring Back the Black!

The common opinion of black is that it’s just too dark to bring into the home. Not anymore! Black is making a resurgence in kitchens, living rooms and offices, and I want to show you just how amazing it can look!

If you jazz up your kitchen with some bright appliances or décor, black cabinets can look incredible. See how beautifully the dark cabinets contrast with the lighter floor and cream walls? It’s a beautiful juxtaposition.
This kitchen is taking black to a whole new level. And yet, it works fantastically! I love the bold move of black on black, as the cabinets, appliances and the walls are dark! This one’s not for everybody, but it sure looks cool.
I love how the white brick walls contrast with the black counters, faucet, cabinets and light fixtures. This is very mod and would look great in a city home.

Living Room
Black couches, black rug, black shelving … what a dream of a living room! It doesn’t feel quite so dark because of the great lighting coming from the oversized windows. The best thing about black furniture is that almost anything goes with it!
Many people wouldn’t necessarily think to put a black pillow on a black couch, but look how well it works! Especially with medium colored walls and a light blanket and carpet. This living room has just the right mix of hues!
Remember when black walls were highly discouraged? Not any longer! This black wall only adds to the gorgeous wall art, and it complements the colors of the rest of the room. I adore this arrangement!

This is another black on black on black room, and I love it. You’ve got the floors, walls, ceilings, and even the shelving is black! Look how much the darkness accentuates the punchy red!
Almost as cool as the chalky black wall is the over-sized picture leaning up against it! If you don’t feel like going all black like some of the examples, you can easily brighten it up with lighter art or furniture.

The dark shelving and ceiling look lovely against the black and white carpeting in this office. Again, the wall is brightened up by an oversized piece of art. If it’s still too dark for you, try loading bookshelves up with bright colored books, or even flowers or bright picture frames!

Black does not have to mean dark. In fact, it provides the perfect backdrop for bright appliances, pieces of art and furniture! Dare to go dark – it’s the new trend!

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  1. Love your sense of style. Following you and your trends around like a lost puppy lol. Keep up the good work.