Friday, March 1, 2013

Go for the Gold!

If you’re revamping any part of your home and want to make a statement, why not dare to do gold? It’s beautiful, it goes with every color, it fits in any room, and hardly anyone has it in their homes yet! I’m obsessed with the way gold was incorporated into the rooms below. It’s as if the designers chose the color first and the rooms just fell into place! 

Here are some examples of gold being used in every room in the house:


I adore the gold tiles in this bathroom. Look how gorgeous the colors of the dark mirror and the flower become against the metallic wall! (Metallic colors in bathrooms is so in right now. Check out this post from last month featuring silver + bronze bathrooms).
From floor to ceiling this bedroom pops with this magnificent color. If you want to bring gold into your room but not quite to this extent, start with jazzing up a wall (with the great wallpaper below), or getting a gold bedspread and/or appliances.

These are two heart-stopping examples of just how incredible gold can look in a kitchen. Whether it be a backsplash, a lighting fixture or cabinets, kitchens can turn into majestic rooms with a little addition of gold.
Living Room:

Speaking of majestic, these accents make these sitting rooms luxurious beyond belief. You can match the furniture like the first photo, or make it contrast like the second. Either way, living rooms are great homes to gold accent walls.
Do you have any gold accents in your home? If so, please share! I’d love to hear about your use of this glorious color.

Happy decorating! And don’t forget – design the life you LOVE!

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