Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mixed Metallics

A new trend that I’ve become a big fan of is mixing silver and gold. Have you seen much of that yet? You could have a silver couch with gold pillows, or a gold table with a silver lamp on it. It sounds peculiar, but if you check out these pictures you’ll see just how cool mixed metallic can look! Even if it’s the same metal in different shades, the contrasts of the colors and materials can look really fantastic if done right.

We’ll take it room by room:


See how much the shiny metallics brighten up the kitchens? A kitchen is a great candidate for mixing metallic because so much can be made out of metals: refrigerator, cabinets, dishwasher, etc …

You can give your bedroom a beautiful flare either by making the furniture metallic or having silver and gold fabrics, like this one above.

Bathrooms are also great candidates because you can do so much with the shelving, mirrors, light fixtures and faucets! If you go silver and gold, you could even add in pops of another color you love.

Living Room
Metallics don’t have to just be a part of the furniture; they can be little decorations like these above! You could place these in any room in the house.

Whether it’s your fabrics, appliances, shelving or even mirrors, consider mixing some metallics for a fresh take on any room!

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