Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Cleaning

It’s that exciting time of year again! Time to breathe some life back into your home by cleaning and organizing. Luckily there are a ton of stylish was to get and stay organized. I did some research and came across countless cute organizing ideas, but here are some of my favorites:
This is so fun for an office! It’s a mix of decoration and utility, and it looks absolutely adorable.

What’s great about these boxes is that you can fill them with any type of office supply you’d ever need, and it still won’t look cluttered.
The more stuff you put on the walls, the more room you have on your desk. The lighting above the boards is a fantastic idea.
The boxes and shelving in this inspiring office provide more space than you could ever fill! This is a very unisex style too, so anybody would like it.
As you’re noticing, shelving isn’t solely used for utility; it transforms a wall into a piece of art.
Organization isn’t just about space; it’s about staying up-to-date on your personal happenings. This little calendar area is so cute and serves a very important purpose. I adore the little hooks on the wall with pitchers, too. What a clever idea!

Jars are so useful when it comes to organizing little things, like the objects in this craft room. Plus if they’re colorful they jazz up the shelves! The string above the computer with clothespins is a perfect place to hang inspiration pieces, whether it’s fabric swatches magazine clippings or photos.
These boxes not only look incredible, they serve a great purpose too. Plus, they could go in any room!

As you can see, getting organized not only makes your life simpler and less cluttered, it can look absolutely amazing if done right.

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