Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Indoor Picnic Table

Spring is so close we can almost taste it! If you’re located in Minneapolis like I am, however, you saw the snow last week. Given these conditions it’s quite natural to dream of springtime, which really should be popping up any day now. And what’s more springy than a picnic table? They’re great outdoors of course, but they are absolutely amazing indoors! Never seen it before? Check out these five beautiful indoor picnic tables:
This mis-matchy picnic table and chair set fits perfectly into the eclectic home. As you can see, you can pull pieces from various table sets and put them together to make a very inviting seating area that holds several people.
Who knew a picnic table could be so elegant? The pink pops of color are great. If you want to add some color to your picnic table you can easily paint little sections to emulate this one.
Whether you pack 10 people into it or use it to sprawl out a nice buffet, this picnic table is perfect for entertaining.

This is more of a space-filling picnic table than anything, but doesn’t it look fantastic in that little nook? You can take an old table, like this one, and spruce it up with a tablecloth or a plant and it will look like it came with the house!
This one is so cool. It’s industrial and elegant at the same time, meaning it will certainly appeal to both men and women.

As you can see, picnic tables are not only great to look at; they’re really excellent for entertaining! Do any of you have an indoor picnic table? I’d love to see pictures!

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